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You'll be able to find out if the fuel pump relay, or the fuel pump Inertia Switch, or the fuel pump is the cause of the No Start Condition on your Ford car or pickup. If your fuel injected Ford pickup, van, or car still has the Ford relay, this bad boy will be a green color like the one in the image viewer. If it has already been replaced with an after-market one, this relay won't be green, but will have a gray body. This is no big deal, since the circuit descriptions are the same.

You will be able to use the info in this article to diagnose the fuel pump relay on your Ford vehicle even if the colors of the fuel pump relay connector's wires are different! The core purpose of a relay is to control a high amount of current with a smaller lower current. You might ask. Well, every Ford fuel pump relay has two basic circuits and for the purpose of our discussion, we'll call them:. The high current circuit is the one that delivers the voltage and thus current to the fuel pump in the gas tank or on the frame rail.

As you can see, there's really nothing complicated happening behind the scenes with the fuel pump relay and the way it activates the fuel pump when you turn the Key On and start cranking the engine. Ford Ignition System Circuit Diagram 4. All Tutorials: 4. Then we met. This material may not be reproduced without the author's consent. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases from the Amazon product links from this website.

Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real diagnostic testing information to help you solve the problem on your vehicle. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4. Testing the Ford fuel pump relay on the car is not that hard to do. You need a few basic things and they are: Multimeter A digital or analog multimeter will work. Wire Piercing Probe This tool is a time saver of the first order.

To see what this tool looks like, click here: Wire Piercing Probe. Jumper Wires You'll need two of them with alligator clips on both ends you can make these yourself. Applies To:. Ford Vehicles:. Lincoln Vehicles:. Mercury Vehicles:. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site! Hate Spam.Now, we'll check the second Ground circuit of the MAF sensor. This Ground is provided by the ECM internally. CAUTION: When testing this circuit, you've got to be careful and take extreme care not to short-circuit this wire to power or you'll fry the fuel injection computer.

With the black multimeter test lead and an appropriate tool, probe the wire identified with the letter letter C in the photo. Recheck all of your multimeter connections and retest. If you still do not see these 12 Volts, then this exonerates the MAF sensor as bad since without this Ground it's not gonna' work. Now that you've gotten the power and Ground signals out of the way, you'll test the MAF sensor's signal.

It's important that the engine be at its normal operating temperature. So, start the engine and let it reach it's normal operating temperature. I know I'm stating the obvious, but the MAF sensor must be connected to its connector to perform this test.

OK, let's start:. With a suitable tool connected to the red multimeter test lead, probe the wire labeled with the letter D in the photo. Crank up the engine and get her to idle.

Once the idle stabilizes, take a look at the voltage number or numbers your multimeter is throwing at you.

How to Test and Adjust a Neutral Safety Switch

This voltage may fluctuate a little or a lot, and this is OK. Whatever they're doing, this is your base MAF signal voltage. Now, open the throttle manually to rev up the engine. As the engine revs up, keep your eyes on the multimeter's voltage numbers.

The voltage should increase. When you let go off of the throttle and the idle comes back down, the voltage reading should also come down and should hover around the numbers you noticed at the beginning of this test. Rev up and let the engine come back down several times.

Each time, the voltage numbers on your multimeter should rise and fall smoothly. If the MAF sensor is good, the voltage numbers on the multimeter should rise and fall smoothly and without gaps. If the MAF sensor is bad, you see one of three things: 1.

Did the signal rise smoothly with each increase in engine acceleration and stay steady at idle?.Request a Test Drive. Vehicle Price List. Ford Approved Used Vehicles. Contact Us. Financing Products. Ford Options End of Term. Graduate Purchase Programme. Vehicle Protection. Commercial Financing. Learn More.

Keep Me Informed. Find Out More. We'd really like to show you how the new RANGER can BringIt at one of our dealerships, but for now, you can use our Online Showroom to get close to the toughest, safest bakkie we've ever built. Bring staying home. Bring Staying safe. Get Started. The information contained in this website is an overview intended for awareness purposes only. Visuals may show specifications, accessories and options not available in South Africa.

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2012 2014 Focus Electric Workshop Manual + Electrical Wiring Diagram

Engine Specifications with Links to model pages full of additional information. BSD Range. TA Range. Engine Duty Ratings. Related EAB Webpages. Thanks to our amazing contributors. Become an Academy Member and gain access to additional pages and programs!

Ford Motor Company has long been an industry leader in supplying powertrain systems to the industrial and power generation markets. A more complete listing of marinizers follows later in this article.

Ford Component Sales today offers select Ford Engines, Transmissions and Service Parts to non-automotive off-road markets through their network of engine up-fitters and resellers. The current engine lineup offered by Ford Component Sales includes a wide range of engines operable on gasoline, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and dual fuel. For these engine offerings, go to Ford Power Products. From Ford Power Products.

This article is most concerned with Ford tractor and truck sourced diesel engines used in marine service for propulsion and power generation. But first, a little general background. Ford was a major manufacturer of farm tractors for much of the 20th Century beginning in with the first model being built in Dearborn, Michigan.

By mid, more than 6, Fordson tractors, all U. In FebruaryHenry Ford shocked everyone by ending U. Fordson production. Shortly thereafter, Ford of England restarted Fordson production at Cork, but when the new Dagenham plant opened in and took over production, the Cork plant was again closed.

Tractors from the new plant were sold throughout the UK and exported all over the world including the US. During World War II, these tractors helped to produce much needed foodstuffs while releasing manpower off of the farms to join the war effort.

After World war II, when diesel engines sourced from Perkins were offered in some models of the Ford tractors, and they proved quite popular. Ford decided to develop their own diesel engines for their own Fordson line of tractors. There was also a jointly developed petrol version of this engine shown in a cutaway view below that utilized the same cylinder block and retained the same dimensions including the bore, stroke and displacement.

The later improved Mark-2 version of this petrol engine had a slightly smaller bore and displacement of only It also shared some of its basic parts with its sister diesel engine such as the cylinder block. This new lorry was launched in May and was known as the Thames Trader.

Either engine was mounted at an incline. To illustrate this configuration, a similar Ford E inclined engine which succeeded the inclined 4D Mark-2is shown below. Inclined engines can be found in marine service especially when vessels have limited engine space height. Unless the oil pan for an upright standing engine is fitted with the proper oil pickup deep in the oil sump, this engine is likely to suffer internal damage from aerated oil being pumped to the moving parts, especially the bearings and timing gears.

See our articles on what internal engine damage results from bearing damage and from timing gear failure. There was also a petrol version of this engine fashioned after the 4 cylinder petrol engine displacing It shared some of its parts with the diesel engine including the block castings.

It also shared some of its parts with the 4 cylinder petrol engine such as pistons, rings, liners and connecting rods.

It is important therefore to routinely flush the block around the bottom of the water jackets and use anti-freeze with corrosion inhibitors to prevent corrosion and consequent leakage. During the production run of these engines, the 4D from to and the 6D from tonumerous minor changes were made, although the engines retained their basic design and dimensions throughout, with many of the parts being interchangeable across the years.Dan Ferrell writes about do-it-yourself car maintenance and repair.

He has certifications in automation and control technology. In automatic transmissions, the neutral safety switch also known as the starting safety switch is a switch, normally open, that keeps the starting system from operating while the transmission is in gear. The vehicle should only start when the shift selector is in Park or Neutral.

On newer vehicles, this switch also turns the back-up lights on and off and communicates with the car and body computers about gear positioning.

When the safety switch fails, you can do a series of tests and see if it is just a matter of adjustment if it is an adjustable type of switch or if you actually need to replace it.

Depending on the particular set up or configuration of your switch, you can test it with a small jumper wire, a test light, or a digital multimeter DMM. Just jump to the appropriate section for your vehicle—automatic or manual transmission switches—and start checking your switch.

Before you try to adjust the switch, you can do a couple of preliminary tests that can give you a clue about the condition of the switch. Although not a definitive test, it will serve you as an additional check for the procedures that follow:. If the engine doesn't crank in any position, try the next test, first in Park and then in Neutral:. The switch is operated by the shift linkage. If you don't know what the neutral switch looks like in your vehicle model, here are three options to know what you're looking for:.

Once you've gained access to the switch, double-check that your transmission is set to Park. You may need to use the following adjusting procedure or the next, depending on your application. Adjusting the Switch by Sliding the Switch. If the engine starts, tighten the switch mounting bolt to the torque specification indicated in your repair manual usually 48 in-lbs, [5 Nm] ; otherwise, try readjusting the switch.

If this is not possible, make sure there's a problem in the starting circuit or the switch itself has failed, continue with the following tests. Trying to adjust the neutral switch may not work. If the vehicle refuses to start, probably the switch has failed or there's a problem in the starting circuit. To confirm whether the switch is still working, do the following test. You may need to look up the wiring diagram in your repair manual for the switch connector to identify both the wire where voltage comes in, and the wire where voltage goes out.

If the engine starts this time, you need to replace the neutral switch; otherwise, continue with the next test. Back-Probing the Switch. On some models, it's possible to back-probe the switch using a test light or digital multimeter. Using the wiring diagram from your repair manual, locate the wire s for the incoming voltage and outgoing voltage to the starter solenoid.

The TR sensor can be an analog or digital type. An analog TR sensor can be checked with an ohmmeter. Follow the instructions in your repair manual to check the appropriate connections and compare the resistance values to the specifications.

Checking a digital TR type sensor may require a scan tool. If necessary, consult your repair manual. In the next video a neutral safety switch is disassembled. This view can give you some clues about what can go wrong with a switch. The clutch pedal controls the switch, which closes only when the clutch pedal is fully depressed to allow the starter motor to operate.

If the engine starts, you may need to replace or adjust adjustable types the switch. If the engine doesn't start, there could be a problem with the starting circuit or one of its components.

A neutral safety switch out of alignment or worn out is not uncommon. Operation of the shift selector, vibration during engine operation, and dealing with road imperfections while moving down the road, all create the ideal conditions for the shift linkage to wear down and for the neutral switch to come loose and get out of alignment or fail. If you have an automatic transmission and the switch seems to be operating properly, check the shift linkage.

On manual transmissions, if your interlock switch seems to be working properly, most likely the problem is with the starting circuit or one of its components.The issues related to the 6. Consumers are enraged over the poor quality of the diesel engine in Super Duty Trucks and Excursions.

Manufactured by Navistar, these defective engines were used in Ford trucks from to Ford owners have been arguing that the 6.

During this time, Ford advertised the high quality of the engine, leading to the Super Duty Truck becoming one of the best selling Ford vehicles. Problems with the diesel engine are said to include damaged injectors, necessary turbocharger replacements, decreased resale value, and frequent breakdowns.

Attorneys at Strom invite Ford owners to contact them for a free legal consultation.

Ford Focus

Strom Law Offices are no longer taking additional plaintiffs for this case. They do not have any additional information on open cases against Ford.

Joining the Lawsuit: We found a law firm called Goldwater that was gathering information for the lawsuit. Over the past year[updated January 29th, ], it seems that the Goldwater lawyer has fizzled, because the website has been taken down.

Their information is below. We were told that currently 18 people are apart of the class action law suit. Strom Law firm that was mentioned above might still be taking on cases. Their contact information is:. Strom Jr. At this moment we do not have any direct information on the Lawsuits across America, but we are eager to hear about any information on the law suit that we can share with our readers.

Please use the contact us tab to share information about the lawsuit with us. Thank you. Since we posted this to our blog nearly a year ago, it has become our most popular post.

After reading all of your comments I realized that we were not giving any real answers, so I wanted to let readers know that we have some resources for broken 6.The Ford Focus is a compact car C-segment in Europe manufactured by the Ford Motor Company and created under Alexander Trotman 's Ford plan, which aimed to globalize model development and sell one compact vehicle worldwide.

Ford of Europe introduced the Focus in to the European market as a replacement for the Ford Escort. The decision to name the new car the "Ford Focus" was made in earlyas Ford's senior management had been planning to keep the "Escort" nameplate for its new generation of small family cars.

Ford Industrial Power Products Diesel Engines

A last-minute problem arose in July when a Cologne court, responding to a case brought by the publisher Burdaordered Ford to avoid the name "Focus" for the cars in the German market since the name was already taken by one of its magazines Focus. Ford of North America began marketing the Focus in September for the model year, with some changes from the European version. The car was launched as a three-door hatchbackfour-door sedan, and five-door wagon ; a five-door hatchback debuted in It came with a 2.

This original Focus RS was only available in Europe with a limited run of cars being built; just under half of these were sold in the UK.

For decades, in the U. The second generation Focus was launched at the Paris Motor Show on September 25, as a three and five-door hatchback and an estate, although the new car was previewed, [9] in 4-door sedan form, as the "Focus Concept" developed by Ford Europe at the Beijing Motor Show in mid The basic suspension design, which contributed much to the Mk 1's success, was carried over largely unchanged from its predecessor. Along with a 10 percent stiffer bodyshell, according to Ford this offers a better ride, but critics claimed the car lacked the precise and poised handling of the Mk 1.

The same body styles as the Mk 1 Focus were offered, though the sedan did not appear until mid As a result, the interior and boot space have increased. New technologies include a KeyFree system, a solar-reflect windshield, adaptive front lighting, Bluetooth hands-free phones and voice control for audio, telephone, and climate control systems.

Stylistically, the Mk 2 features the same design language found in the Mondeo and Fiesta. Although still recognisable as a Focus, the new car uses styling features from the abandoned B-Proposal for the original Focus which never reached production. InFord released a MK. Major changes included a new bonnet with more creases, the removal of all mouldings along the doors and sides, new sculpted pull back headlights, and the big trapezoidal lower grille.

Inthe new Focus RS was launched, with a modified version of the 2. For the North American market, development followed a separate path. Since debuting at the North American International Auto Showthe restyled — generation was available as a two-door coupe and four-door sedan ; the hatchbacks and wagon were discontinued. Also included in the redesign was a support beam behind the dashboard for extra structural rigidity.


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