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Ever since the PC version released back in Augustthere's been a content delay of at least a few weeks between it and the consoles. With Title Update 3 coming sometime Aprilthat'll all be a thing of the past. The announcement came via the official Monster Hunter Twitter account with an image of the planned updates for the next few months see below.

On the PC, players will be getting much of the content that's already been added to the consoles such as Rajang and Safi'jiiva over the next couple months, while console players will get a few special event quests to bide the time until April. Then, once Title Update 3 drops, both PC and console players will be getting new Arch-Tempered and Master Rank monsters to hunt along with a new festival. After that, all versions of the game will see the return of a "fan-favorite monster" in May, and more monsters and other updates after that.

One can only hope that with content finally being aligned across all versions of the game, that cross-save functionality might become a thing as well. That's not an easy thing to pull off, but it would be a great feature to implement with a game like this as it could help bring back some players that fell off. Tags pc updates 4 player online co-op playstation 4 xbox one monster hunter world.PS4 and Xbox One owners have sunk countless hours into the beast-slaying phenomenon, but PC owners were left out of the party.

Capcom decided to delay the release of the PC version in order to ensure it is of the highest quality. After spending many days trying it out, I can say this was a wise decision. The PC version of Monster Hunter: World lives up to, and oftentimes exceeds, its console counterpart.

Players must hunt monsters to gain materials for crafting better armor and weapons to slay stronger beasts. It is easy to spend many hours hunting the same monsters to get the right materials. The feeling one gets when finally taking a monster down is beyond exhilarating. Monster Hunter: World gives players various options to adjust.

This includes things like resolution scaling, texture quality, ambient occlusion, volume rendering quality, and so forth.

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Attempting to change graphic settings in-game will boot you to the main menu. My advice is to let your PC manually give you the best settings.

This is actually a little above the required specs for the game. Since my rig could handle it, I tested to see how things run at high resolutions. I could run it at 4K resolution, but the frame rate dipped to 30 frames per second and lower. Running it at p resolution worked fine, but the frame rate hovered around FPS.

Since I prefer a steady frame rate, I set the game to p with a locked 60fps. I can get higher frames if I unlocked the setting, but it fluctuates too much for my tastes. But I was happy enough with my settings.

What immediately caught my eye was the higher and steady frame rate. All of the animations look extremely smooth. After playing for a few hours, other improvements start to emerge. The game has a great deal of additional particle effects and animations in the environments.

monster hunter world pc vs console content

The environmental detail really is impressive. The higher frame rate is most evident during combat. I performed attacks with greater ease than on console.

monster hunter world pc vs console content

The same goes for dodging and blocking. This allowed me to attack and defend more effectively and quickly. My character feels so light and fluid in comparison. As someone who has dumped so much time into the game, playing on PC is just pure joy. This has a decidedly stylized look that could be lost with uber textures. I appreciate the fact the game looks familiar, but just more polished and clean.

It looks great, but not mind-blowing. You can certainly play all of Monster Hunter: World solo. Finding matches online is no different on PC than it is on console.

Things went as well as expected. There was never any lag or stuttering. The only main difference I noticed is that getting into an online session is faster on PC as is loading in general.Capcom has released a roadmap for Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and confirmed content updates for both console and PC "will sync" from April Before that, however, PC players will start to see Iceborne updates from February, and the "free content will include challenging monsters for players to conquer, expanded gameplay features, limited-time events and more", including "fan-favourite" monster Rajang and a new Volcanic Region.

The latter is coming to the end-game Guilding Lands and will be accessible once players commence their battles against Rajang. Hunters will be able to acquire materials necessary to craft Leon and Claire scenario A armour sets, as well as "Raccoon City-themed pendants to spruce up their favourite weapons".

monster hunter world pc vs console content

The first title update also heralds the ability to show off your room with other players - although be warned, some room furnishing options are restricted to paying DLC customers only - as well as limited-time quests that provide the necessary materials to forge the Hunter Weapon and Palico armour and weapon sets from the winner of the Iceborne design contest. While we're on the subject of the PC version, from 12th March the second PC title update will roll out, bringing Stygian Zinogre, "a more vicious subspecies of the electrifying fan-favourite Zinogre, that harnesses dragon elemental damage".

As for console players? From February until the end of March, players will receive new limited-time event quests that" increase the odds of encountering gold crown monsters, decorations, and Great Spiritvein Gems while maximizing their rank". A "major title update" will also bring two additional variant monsters to Iceborne for console players in March - PC players will get the update in April. As it's around here console and PC updates will "sync", so ew Arch-Tempered and Master Rank versions of existing monsters will be available at the same time for both PC and console players, followed by the return of an unspecified "fan-favourite" monster in May.

There's also more synced updates and additional monsters planned for June and beyond, too, but we have to watch this space for more details about those. Capcom also indicated a number of in-game events for both the vanilla release and Iceborne will roll out around the game's second anniversary at the end of January, including the Grand Appreciation Fest for Iceborne players and the Appreciation Fest in the Astera Gathering Hub for all players.

Last week the long-awaited arrival of Monster Hunter World's Iceborne expansion on PC finally dropped, but players soon began to report significant performance issues following Iceborne's installation, and, more troublingly, missing save games. To see this content please enable targeting cookies.

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PC is definitely better, from possible frame rates to mods to graphical capability. There are still some issues to be resolved, but Capcom has been steadily working on the most problematic ones and I'm sure they'll continue polishing it. Last edited by Maximum Sen ; 7 Sep, am. PC all the way.

Monster Hunter: World PC and console releases to sync content by April

Aik View Profile View Posts. I think both are good. I buy it on pc for the reason most of my friend will only play it on pc. Gengar View Profile View Posts. Long one: Yeah PC it's always better but don't expect to play modern games relatively smooth without a decent PC, if you don't have one and can't buy a new one, just play it in a console. PC fanboys here. XD Ps4 obviouisly is miles better.

Originally posted by NaliWarcow :. Originally posted by Red Monk :. Darkheart View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Gengar ; 7 Sep, am. Originally posted by Endy Gainer :. Last edited by Xp3nBirD ; 7 Sep, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 7 Sep, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.In this never-before-explored region, you and the members of the Research Commission will focus on a new mission, all while discovering fascinating new monsters and wildlife.

Enjoy the world of Monster Hunter with higher-resolution and better-defined textures! In addition to resolution and framerate, customize a wide range of graphical settings to your liking. Mouse-and-keyboard controls have been revamped across the board to better suit the new actions and abilities available in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Iceborne is an expansion for Monster Hunter: World.

It requires Monster Hunter: World to play. Requires the main game of Monster Hunter: World to play. You will be able to transfer your existing save file for Monster Hunter: World into Iceborne. Take your hunting further than ever! Graphical Optimization In addition to resolution and framerate, customize a wide range of graphical settings to your liking.

Ultrawide Display Support Enjoy the game in ultrawide screen with optimized support for aspect ratios! Pick Your Preference. Newcomer to Monster Hunter: World.Monster Hunter World took the world by storm earlier this year, but those who were promised a PC version were unfortunately left to wait a little over half a year.

Capcom has done well over the last few years in publishing some of the best PC ports, but has the lengthy wait been worth it? Well, sort of.

You can set this between low to high, with a variable setting available, but really, we found this to only add what looks like added fog and atmosphere, somewhat diluting the vibrant art Monster Hunter World has to offer.

Speaking of which, this graphical setting on PlayStation 4 Pro allows for a checkerboard rendering at p, which shows off the crisper image quality than the other PS4 modes.

Unfortunately, as you can tell in the screenshots below, the LOD has been severely impacted as geometry has been removed from the environment, and models have lower-poly assets in its place. Unfortunately, one of the problems we ran into was texture quality on character models.

While the environments maintain the same texture work as their console counterpart, if not better in some spots, the clothing and armor on your avatar and NPCs seem to be that of a lower quality on PC. You can definitely see it in, well almost every shot a character is in, but most especially close-up.

Hopefully this will get addressed in a future patch. If Capcom can fix the consistent crashes we experienced prior to launch in a timely manner, hopefully they can do so with this. Due to storage limitations, namely because 4K PNG files are massive, if you want to see uncompressed screenshots, you can check here.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Global Achievements.

Mango View Profile View Posts. Not sure if I wanna buy it on steam since I own xbox and I heard that content on PC is falling behind Is this still the case? Showing 1 - 7 of 7 comments. Arutemisu View Profile View Posts. It's mostly caught up, and by the time you get to end game it should be caught up. Only thing is there's a lot of console exclusives that PC won't get. We do have lots of nice mods though :.


Last edited by Arutemisu ; 27 Jan, am. Suzaku View Profile View Posts. So PC is catching up, but surely a couple months behind compared to consoles. Still, there's hundreds of hours of content to burn through, and maybe by the time you get around to it most of it will be caught up. Originally posted by Arutemisu :. Last edited by Suzaku ; 27 Jan, am. Mhblis View Profile View Posts. A big thing to note with the missing content.

Its all event monsters so arent around all the time anyways. And their armors dont shift the meta a great deal. But none of that so badly that you cant clear the current content in 5 minute hunts. If you are at that skill level. Moonmadness View Profile View Posts. With Behemoth alone everything but ranged weapons and maybe gunlances is on par with consoles.

Avih View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Moonmadness :. Pandemonium View Profile View Posts. Like what others have already listed PC is cathching up but stillngar behind at this update phase of new monster per month. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 27 Jan, am.


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Monster hunter world pc vs console content
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