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The Intrepid-DX Group recognizes the importance of including Youth in our great hobby because they are our future! We are establishing an annual Dream Rig Youth Essay Contest to learn the suggestions of young people for attracting other young operators to Amateur Radio. What is the Prize?

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See the features here:. B What can we do to attract more youth to amateur radio? Must be postmarked by July 31, All submissions become the property of the Intrepid-DX Group and may be published.

Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell review – tragic tale of the Latin tutor’s son

K-Index:0 Actv: No space wx storms observed. Fcst: No space wx storms expected. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion.

The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Strays KI7DG. I haven't spoken to my wife in 18 days. I don't like to interrupt her. Friends Remembered. Shack Showcase. Unbeatable performance!

KN4TV design manufactured Simplicity at its best. The distance record attempt took place on the 11th June in Victoria during th Propagation Forecast Bulletin 29 de K7RA: Over the past week, July 9 to 15, just one day had sunspot activity, and that was July 10 when the daily sunspot number was A runner had set off for a solo run along the contour paths of Table Mountain on Monday afternoon, and did not return that evening.

On the second day, a huge number of other volunteers joined the search, and there were about people, in 61 search groups combing the front of Table Mountain that day.

The weather was excellent, and helicopters were also able to fly, and the unfortunate runner was discovered soon after lunch on Wednesday, seemingly having fallen a distance to his death, not far from the track of the cable car, and the India Venster route up the mountain. The Western Cape has been lashed by a strong winter storm this weekend, with many places recording mm of rain or more.

Low-lying dwellings have been under water, and disaster management has had its hands full helping people who needed alternate shelter. The cold front is of course crossing the rest of the country, bringing snow and rain as I write. But spare a thought for Japan. At least 50 people on the southwestern island of Kyushu have died after three days of torrential rains, floods and mudslides.

The casualties include 14 residents of a nursing home for the elderly in Kumamoto, the region which has sustained the worst effects of the disaster. The nursing home was swamped by waters from the nearby Kuma River that overran its embankment, leaving residents who were wheelchair-bound trapped on the ground and unable to reach higher ground. The disaster has washed out bridges and roads, prompting emergency crews to sail down flooded streets on rafts and inflatable boats to rescue residents trapped in their homes.

Some residents were also rescued from the rooftops of their inundated homes by helicopter. More than a million people have been ordered to evacuate the Kyushu region. And all this in amongst the need to wear masks, wash their hands regularly, and maintain a safe physical distance from other evacuees!

What can I do? LUNART would include low power beacons, and while high data rates would be operated from their 20 meter diameter dish at Bochum, lower data rates would be available to more modest amateur systems. The proposal is on open access at the ESA website and is now being evaluated. Both refer to weak signal modes and share the same frequency bands. Dimorphos is a moonlet asteroid that orbits a larger asteroid known as Didymos.

At just meters across, about the height of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, Dimorphos is one of the smallest objects to earn an official name from the IAU. Dimorphos currently orbits Didymos once every 12 hours.

hamnet radio

Telescopes on Earth will track the immediate aftermath of the crash, and the European Space Agency will send its Hera probe to Dimorphos in to ensure that the moonlet asteroid is following its new intended path. And, in a newsletter from the Radio Amateur Society of Australia released yesterday, they announce that their e-magazine, called QTChas been downloaded times in the last 3 days.

You will find the link to QTC there. The work has been referenced during White House press briefings and in congressional testimony. The US government-supported study collects and provides blood plasma recovered from COVID patients, which contains antibodies that may help fight the disease. The Mayo Clinic is the lead institution for the program. Southgate Amateur Radio News says that The Hindu newspaper reports on the role of amateur radio volunteers during the Coronavirus quarantine in Bengaluru.

As the number of COVID positive cases increase, so do those of people placed under home quarantine.There is a delay before newly submitted reviews are Approved.

The delay is for new review screening and approval. The delay varies from minutes to a day or more. Before adding a new product use the "Search" tool on reviews Home page to determine if that product already exists in a category.

A valid product review is one where you have experience or knowledge of the product you would like to share with others. A review should provide useful relevant opinions of a product. Reviews only stating "Its great"or "Terrible product" are not helpful without supporting information why its great or terrible. If using an anonymous eHam user ID for submitting reviews be aware of a recent court ruling regarding identity disclosure of writers of false reviews. Don't review home brewed equipment or home-brew copies of commercially made products.

Products for review typically should be tangible items such as radios, antennas, towers, etc. Reviews are limited to one review per product per reviewer.

Edits will go thru the review Approval process. Do not submit a product review criticizing another review or reviewer. Review authors should be able to share their product experience and opinion without being publicly criticized. In the interest of maintaining objective product reviews for all review readers, requests to remove Approved product reviews may be declined by eHam.

Customers and product users will add your product to a product category listing and write reviews when they are ready to share their product opinion.

If a manufacturer would like to announce or raise awareness for their product eHam suggests writing a brief News release and submit it to eHam's News. Click the News header on Home page then look for Add News button. It's a conflict of interest for manufacturers or their employees to review their own products.

Those reviews will be removed. Do not offer rewards for positive eHam product reviews. Offering rewards for good reviews can create bias in reviews that savvy review readers can detect. This can detract from trust by current and potential customers. Those reviews are subject to removal. Contact Product Reviews Manager with questions or comments. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion.

The site will be something of which everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password.

Welcome to eHam. There are reviews on different amateur radio products and services. To browse the reviews or to write your own review, follow the links in the table below. If you would like to add a review of your own for a product: Navigate to the appropriate category in the listing below. Navigate to the review listing of the product that you would like to review. Click the link " add your own review " located at the top of the reviews listing page under the Reviews Summary box for the product.

These guidelines are located in the left hand sidebar under the " Manager's Notes " button. To add a new product to a Category click the Category in the listing below. At the top of the Category listing page click on "add product" to add the product. Be sure to browse the Category listings to be sure the product hasn't already been added. To request a new category, please email the Reviews Manager.Scroll down for more. Something has gone terribly wrong. Normal ways of doing things are not working.

The fastest way to turn an emergency into a full disaster is to lose communications. Radio Amateurs understand emergencies. For over 70 years they have provided emergency communications for organisations. When normal ways of communication fail or get overloaded Radio Amateurs will be there. Radio Amateurs or "Hams" use two-way radio communication to make contact with other radio amateurs all over the world. They are even able to use satellites and on occasion speak with astronauts.

Radio Hams can do this from home or while mobile in cars, boats or on foot. Radio Hams have a full range of communication modes at their disposal. These include plain voice, Morse code, numerous digital computer modes and even graphical modes like television. A licensed radio amateur is able to join in experiments using all these modes. Current bulletin posted below.

There is a weekly net on Gauteng South ZS6. Limpopo ZS6. Mpumalanga ZS6. Severe weather is being experienced around the world.

Houses were damaged, families were evacuated and a few deaths were reported. Further heavy rain and thunderstorms were forecast for the current weekend.

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Houses and hospitals were damaged, and about people needed to be evacuated from areas of high risk. Heavy rain and thunderstorms are also expected there this weekend, with spread into neighbouring Guatemala. Tropical Storm AMANDA struck El Salvador last weekend, people being affected, about needing evacuation to places of safety, floods and landslides being reported, houses and bridges destroyed, and interruption of water and electricity supplies.

Humanitarian assistance is proving difficult in the middle of challenges posed by the COVID pandemic. Meanwhile, Chile was struck by a magnitude 6. No serious damage to structures or infrastructure has been reported. The Western Cape is also facing extreme weather this coming week, with about 50mm of rain predicted for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We can do with the rain, and wait with eager anticipation to see if the forecast is correct.

And, on the first day of Lockdown Level 3, a climber went up Table Mountain, slipped, and fell to his death.Hams have been experimenting with microwave since it was first around. It has been an esoteric area of ham radio as great skill and expertise is required to design and build at these frequencies.

About 15 years ago innovative hams discovered that inexpensive, readily available ISM band WiFi routers could be repurposed as microwave radios for a number of applications.

Both networks support Ubiquiti M2, M5, and M9 family members 2. The Ubiquiti M3 line is designed for sale and operation outside the US and at first was difficult to purchase in the US, but now dealers are comfortable selling to hams, as hams have an allocation at 3.

Ubiquiti M5 Nanobridge Dish. Hams have frequency and higher power privileges in channels close to the ISM channels in the 2. In the 2. In the 5. Using the higher power available in the ham bands very long links have been established with highly directional antennas and amplifiers. A mesh network is a network topology in which each node relays data for the network and all mesh nodes cooperate in the distribution of data in the network. Using decentralized routing algorithms, meshes can be made to be easy to set up and highly robust.

The Linsys and Ubiquiti routers are actually small Linux computers. Router hackers have discovered that it was possible to write code for the routers to enhance the functionality and security of the factory software i. So mesh networks on cheap were a early ham development. They have been used by clubs for activities like supporting field day and community events. A number of community wireless networks have also been set up and operate under Part Attached below is the information for both the 2.

Free download. Mid-Atlantic Net Map and more! You must be logged in to post a comment. Microwave Broadband and Mesh Networking.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.The published frequency is Occasionally, that frequency is busy and you may need to move up no more than 10kHz to find the SBE meeting. Hal is a long-time member and lives in Tucson, AZ. Also on the You can access those it with your digital Hotspot. Echolink and Allstar are methods of connecting different repeaters across the country and the world via the internet.

For more information about the net and how to participate, go to www.

hamnet radio

SBE Leadership. Contact the SBE Staff. Speakers for Chapter Meetings. Certification Information. Education Information. Privacy, Security, Shipping and Refund Policy. Are you connecting with your customers? If broadcast engineers use your products or services, make sure your name is somewhere they will find it SBE Chapters SBE chapters provide educational programs, professional recognition and networking opportunities to members.

Broadcasters will have days from the date of the announcement to comply with the new requirements. Coordinator Accreditation Coordination Tools. SBE JobsOnline.Blog posts transfered to blogspot. Aug To connect to the Hamnet network you have to use a computer who will be in the same network as the Hamnet subnets active in.

In the Netherlands we use the network address range But most of us will use the PC for more then only Hamnet. In your email request give your first name, city, province and your hamradio call. After commit you will receive one file with all the information needed. To extract the correct files you can read here: [link will follow].

Place these files in a directory of your choice, the files are: [important] ca. After that you have the fields see picture to fill in as follow:. Gateway: gwext. At last open in the right-bottom corner the network connections and choose the VPN tab.

HSMM Pi Tabletop Demo

If you have filled in everything Ok you can make connection to the Hamnet. To test your fresh VPN tunnel give the next commands; traceroute sys3. I have to find out the correct way to keep the original internet link also active! Made with by Graphene Themes.

Toggle search form. Home Blog Ham Links Contact. After that you have the fields see picture to fill in as follow: Gateway: gwext. Band conditions.


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