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AirScreen uses state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology so you can stream videos wirelessly from your PC to your mobile devices without loss of quality. You can also stream one video on multiple devices simultaneously. Browse, watch, and control your favorite videos from PC directly in your VR headsets. You can choose multiple VR theater when you are watching 2D or 3D regular videos. With our elegant design, many powerful features are just a few simple steps away.

Mostly, correct stereo modes will be automatically set by our intelligent recognition engine. So there is no need to figure out the correct stereo mode by yourself. You can even stream in 4K using AirScreen to your phone. Browse and play local videos remotely in VR via your home Wi-Fi network. Get the App. Recognition Engine Mostly, correct stereo modes will be automatically set by our intelligent recognition engine. Supports browsing files by storage directory.

Support subtitles and audio tracks selection. AirScreen: streaming local videos from PC to mobile devices. Advanced settings: tilt, scale, height, and aspect ratio. Amazing user interface and VR environment.

Various VR scenes while watching regular 2D and 3D videos.With their lightning-fast speeds, solid state drives SSDs are a vast improvement on disk drives.

You can find out more about the problem in older threads from smart usersbut essentially the SSD drives quickly slow down when it comes to older files.

The drives had previously been well-priced and reliable, so this unexpected slowdown ruffled a lot of consumer feathers. Slow Samsung solid state drive owners were left waiting until Aprilwhen Samsung issued another fix, which was better received. How do I know? Run a few tests and examine the graphs closely to see what your speed looks like as your file age increases.

How do you fix the recalcitrant Samsung SSD? Magician is the Samsung optimization and management tool for its hard drives, and includes firmware updates and other useful features for fixing bugs. Also note that there are separate versions for Windows and Mac.

Download the latest version, run Magician, and say yes to all firmware updates. Then see if this solves your problem. Download a third-party maintenance and optimization tool like DiskFresh and try it out. Will this perform any better than Magician? Give it a try if nothing else is working out.

You can visit the Samsung FAQ for more information on these settings. Basically, if your computer is old or has an older motherboard, functionality will go down. Keep this in mind when choosing an external SSD or when upgrading your internal drive to SSD — a point comes when upgrading the motherboard is also necessary for real improvements.

The moving crew is very efficient, but only as long as the truck has enough empty space to put in new boxes. When the moving truck is almost full, every time the crew gets a new box they need to take some time adjust the old boxes, find new room, and maybe split up the contents into smaller boxes so it will fit.

You can maximize efficiency by enabling abilities like the TRIM commandbut only to a certain point. When the SSD gets too full, performance will plummet. This is true of most mechanical drives, as well. The best external hard drives for the Xbox One 2 hours ago. SATA vs. SSD vs.I have two sensors with touchs, i tried to invert usb ports, i completly shutdown my pc after playing, and in start my pc only for playing oculus rift it's a pc only for oculus rift.

Normaly when this happens. I helps for me every time. I think the GPU have some problems freeing resources. New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums. Fr Posts: August in Support.

No problems with the sensors, USB 3. I read everything on the forums, I tried, power saving disable on Windows, on sensors, disable generic USB Superspeed, uninstall Launch Gaming Software Profiler even if I could play with Oculus rift, g25 and everything before my issues! HUGE slow-down even if home menu. It's ok when I stop moving my head, graphics card is ok.

This PC is only for my Oculus rift, Nothing else. I didn't find specifics USB 3. Tagged: Disconnection judder usb issue sensor. August I tried and looked at everything I bought brand new card nothing my temps where running at 98 95 on all cores. I looked at the very last thing and what it was I would have never guessed something so dumb but runs like a dream ever sense.

KinkyJalepeno Posts: Heat shrink? You do not have heat-shrink in a PC so please clarify what exactly you mean?! How many sensors do you have? You may want to try with 1 connected at a time and see if that resolves the issue.

It could also be USB related. Sometimes Windows can update USB drivers in the background without your knowledge. Try to see if you have either update USB drivers from your motherboard website or sometimes even from other companies if they use the same USB controllers or reverting to Microsoft default drivers. JustJohnVR Posts: August edited August Sounds similar to an issue that crops up on rare occasions for me, where the frame rate is severely low, causing constant jittering.

I haven't been able to identify a particular cause, but it happens more often if my computer has been turned on for long periods before I load Oculus Home.I also switched from WIndows 7 to Windows I can definately tell that my Hardware improvement worked on a lot of programms, sadly it doesnt seem to work on the SLR App. I seem to have a somewhat good quality video but for some reason it feels really really choppy.

Back on my GTXvideos with p were looking fine and really smooth You could tell it had 60 frames. Now on my RTX even those get choppy. I installed those now but I have no Idea how to use them I just assume they activate by themselves and I cant deny it hasnt been for nothing.

Before installing I got some weird Pixel stuff destroying my experience every 10 seconds. Now those are gone but like I said I am still stuck with "choppiness".

Any help? I dont think my Hardware can't handle these kind of videos. To describe the choppiness more: It feels like the video is slowing down in frame rate and catching up afterwards again with it. Seriousguy98 Hey, when video plays, does it decode on GPU?

Should be the GPU if I am right on that. I played with those settings a lot but none of the decoding settings really worked. Using the same stuff on the SLR App seems to still make it stutter. I am really bad with the decoding stuff and such and it seems like it must have something to do with Windows 10 because with my worse Hardware I was still able to watch 90FPS 4K Videos and it looked so smooth, I was almost thinking it was actually real.

If this is still the case, it's not using your graphics card for hardware decoding. The RTX shouldn't have any issues with these videos if it's using the hardware video decoding.

DavesuppVR can you look into it? Even when watching the stuff not local? Aerowen Maybe you can help me? What should my LAV filters Settings look like? What do I have to do so it renders over my GPU? It should be set up correctly after installation, but here is a screenshot to check.

I too have had issues with these all-in-one codec packs that just mess things up somehow. The installer may ask some things about which filetypes it should run LAVfilters with but all defaults are good so you shouldn't have to change anything. Aerowen So apparrently my last answer did not get published Also: It was perfectly fine when using the on Windows 7.

When playing local files, my normal DeoVR Player also only gets up to 40 fps DavesuppVR I currently got some improvement in my Video Quality Like I said since my old setup, nothing changed except for Win 10 and I was running 90fps back then without a doubt on stream and not on local files.

Right now I get around 60 fps with some spikes inbetween. That would be the last thing I would have to get rid off but still no idea how I did that test anyways: It has the ID Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.

Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Virtual Desktop Store Page. Global Achievements. Regular HD VR videos h. On Windows 10, htc vive, have only tried rebooting PC so far to no avail. A developer of this app has marked a post as the answer to the topic above.

Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by ggodin :. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. I have the hevc video extension app that you linked to, and I launched it but that didn't help. I tried selecting 'Force Software decoding' in VD and the stuttering goes away, but the frame rate during playback isn't as smooth and seems slightly in slower motion.

Which exact settings in SteamVR should I select to help disable the extra supersampling? Additional notes: Whirligig player with Direct Show Video path option also stutters, BUT when switching to 'Windows Media Foundation' video path, 5k video playback is perfectly smooth like old times!

Going to investigate. Last edited by ggodin ; 30 Mar, am.

A developer of this app has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Thanks for your timely responses and looking forward to a fix soon, in the meantime there isn't really much we can do is there besides 'Force Software decoding'? Cheese View Profile View Posts. Any update on this? Running into the same issue. Ok beta branch has the new video player backend.

Let me know if you experience any issues.There are a lot of people nowadays who are engaged with the latest virtual reality experience that they can get from the use of certain gears like the Oculus Rift. This particular product can bring your gaming or movie watching experience into a new level as you can actually step into this virtual world and feel as if you are part of the game or movie.

Whether you are planning to spend time with friends in VR or just step into another world of fun and adventure, this product can simply take you there. With this, it is necessary that you get started in your search for the best video players that you can use with your Oculus Rift to maximize the virtual reality experience that this gear can offer.


As you finally take your pick, you can get started in spending more time enjoying the virtual reality experience like you never thought possible. Some of its key features is its extra functions like a regular video player that can be found on the user menu. You can download it right from its website. This video player basically allows you to use it like a regular video player. It is a simple program and works like expected.

You can add subtitles to it. A lot of users love all of its features and the impressive display it offers. Download it here. Pretty much praised for the smoothness of operation, Whirligig is a great VR player for your Oculus Rift. You can enjoy watching movies and play games for hours, which make it one of best video players for the gear available online.

Get yours here. You will not encounter any difficulties in running the program though there are some features that may seem missing unlike other video players. However, many still find it a great videoplayer for the Rift gear. Download the program here. A video player offering many functions, this one offers you the ability of watching videos in a breeze. It lets you watch movies online and even connect with your android or apple devices using your Rift Gear.

For more information about this program, visit this site. For many, it is on top of their like mainly because of its superb performance and solid tracking. Many are impressed of the fact that they are not experience any issues with its overall performance.

Feel free to download the program here. One of the important things to consider when downloading programs is their customer support along with the great performance of the program itself. Fortunately, you can find this with the Total Cinema Oculus Player. You can watch videos in degrees and still watch online videos from both your mobile or desktop browsers. You can download it here. Among the first users of Oculus rift, VR player is among the most recognized and most used.

Though it may have some issues with its overall performance when used with DK2, it is still one of the best options for video players for your first Rift gear. Download the player here. What is Virtual Reality 2. VR headset 4. Wondershare Filmora9. Liza Brown. Other Recommend Products. Liza Brown chief Editor. More Resources.Q: Ripped a DVD of mine and found an improper audio to video sync.

How to fix desynchronized video and audio in the easiest way? But it's with out-of-sync audio. How to fix unsynced audio easily? I mean I spent several hours downloading this to my computer and don't want to waste more time. Thank you! I know that most of the readers are green hands in handling the excessive professional sync issue.

Therefore, to provide you a simple and clear solution on how to correct audio video sync permanently, I turned to the technical teammates for help, and accessed relevant information.

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Generally speaking, most of the audio sync problems arise from the time axis damage. So, what can be done to fix sound and video out of sync issue?

Vive: Fix missing Frames (Juttering, or Stuttering feeling. The Lab, & other games.)

Fortunately, the latest version of HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers the most powerful backup for fixing the video timeline. It can help you make the audio and video match up with a simple format conversion work. That is to say, if your original video format is MP4, you can convert the MP4 video with the software and everything will be perfect because it will intelligently repair time axis damage.

Follow this step-by-step guide to fix the MP4 audio video sync issues permanently by yourself within minutes. Free Download the software on your computer first to get rid of the unsynced audio issue. With this program, you are able to solve audio out of sync with video error handily, even if it's caused by Filmora and format factory.

Run this software. Or directly drag the file into the software. Batch conversion is supported as well. Choose an output format from the profile list on the right side.

The original file format is MP4 and you can choose the same format MP4 from the list. You can also select other formats since it provides many more choices, for instance, it can change your MP4 file to 4K videoH. Tip: you can also compress the MP4 videocompress AVI file to a smaller size while maintaining the original quality.

Moreover, repairing the damaged MP4 files, AVI files and more is just a piece of cake via this perfect software. Multiple out-of-sync files can be fixed at one time by using the batch conversion mode.

Also you are able to solve Handbrake audio sync error with this software. Now curl up on the couch, and enjoy your family fun in the dream home theater. Furthermore, to make your video more unique, I find that this program can help you a lot on easy editing. So you can cut videosmerge videosor add special effectetc.


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